Survey Overview

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your day to help us gather important information for the GameSoundCon Game Audio Industry Survey. Your participation is greatly appreciated

The survey should take 5-7 minutes; your participation will help us achieve one of our goals: ensuring the industry is accurately represented.

For the purposes of this survey,
If you receive a steady, regular paycheck from a game company or audio outsourcing firm, you are an Employee.
If you do NOT receive a regular paycheck, but instead get paid 'by the project' you are a Freelancer. 

For the purposes of this survey an “indie” game is a game not funded by a major publisher or portal. Independent games can be independently funded by the developers, by private investors, kickstarters, by grants, or by association with a non-profit institution.  

A "professionally developed small-scale game" --often called "Casual core" or "midcore" is a game developed with funding, marketing or distribution from a publisher, but is generally small in scope, does not require years to develop, etc.

We realize sometimes it is difficult to know how to categorize a game; if you are not sure, just make your best guess.

Your answers are anonymous, and will only be reported on in the aggregate. No personal information, IP addresses, etc are collected. 

This survey will close July 4, 2019

Thank you for participating!