This form is to be used by parents or troop leaders on behalf of individuals who are requesting financial assistance for troop dues or shop supplies within the Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital.  This form is not used for assistance with the annual membership fee, camping fees, trip fees, program grants or training fees. 
Girl Scouts Nation's Capital supports girls in the District of Columbia and parts of Virginia/Maryland/West Virginia.   If you are not sure if you are a member of Girl Scouts Nation's Capital, use the "find a council" feature of the Girl Scouts of the USA website (www.girlscouts.org).  This form can not be used by members of other Girl Scout Councils - contact your local council to see the types of assistance available.

- All financial assistance requests are confidential.
- Financial assistance requests are accepted from August 15, 2019 through April 15, 2020 for the 2020 membership year.
- To receive financial assistance  all girls and adults must be registered Girl Scouts for the 2020 membership year and members of the troop identified below.  Adults must be designated and screened troop leaders for the troop identified below.
- Financial assistance cannot be used to replace the need for responsible troop planning and budgeting.
- Troop dues may be requested once per year, per girl.  The check must be made payable to the troop and mailed to a troop leader.  Checks expire in 89 days and will not be reissued.  Please deposit them into the troop account promptly.
- Girls are eligible to receive a sash and all insignia, once per program age level.   Duplicates/replacement uniform items will not be provided.
- Girls are eligible to receive one book per year - either a Girl's Guide or a Journey book.  Duplicates/replacement books will not be provided.
- Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital will not issue reimbursements for GSUSA membership dues, troop dues, or shop supplies.
- This form can be used to request assistance for a maximum of 20 individuals. If more than 20 individuals are requesting assistance, an additional form must be submitted.

Questions? Please call 202-274-3322.

- Your online form is not complete until you push the "submit" button at the end.  Incomplete forms will be discarded.

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