1. Welcome to the EPC Youth Leader Survey.

Thanks for doing your good deed for the day by taking a few of your valuable minutes to complete this survey. It's difficult for EPC Student Ministries to stay relevant & helpful to its youth workers if we don't keep a pulse on what's going on in your ministry life, background, ideas and needs. This survey is just one component we use to keep feedback continuously and current--and to get more familiar with the ever-changing face of student ministries across the EPC. Thanks so much for your valuable input! Remember, all of your answers will only be viewed by members of the EPC Student Ministries Committee.

* 3. Which best describes your role at your church?

* 4. I oversee:

* 5. Which best describes you?

* 6. As it pertains to a seminary degree...

* 9. Which books (besides God's Word, of course) have most deeply affected you personally in your walk with Christ?

* 10. Which movies have most affected or inspired you?

* 11. List 3 resources (conferences, books, organizations, curriculum, etc.) that have been a significant help to you in doing youth ministry.

* 12. As far as my personal theology goes, I consider myself:

* 13. If married, how involved is your spouse in your youth ministry?

* 14. How many other EPC youth workers (outside of your church) are you in contact with regularly?

* 15. Mark the statement below that best describes you.