Summer 2017 Important Dates

The online application for the Summer 2017 cycle will be available from: May 15 at 8:00am
The online submission deadline for Summer 2017 consideration is: July 3 at 5:00pm
(Note: Late submissions will not be considered.)

About the Global Engagement Certification

Thank you for your interest in applying for Global Engagement Certification!

The Global Engagement Certification, or GEC, is an initiative designed by the faculty and staff of KSU to recognize your achievements in global learning. It is available to both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Kennesaw State University. This form is more than an application. It is an opportunity for you to demonstrate to the university your commitment to global learning. Your responses should be detailed, thorough, and persuasive. The goal is not to simply answer the questions, but to paint a complete picture of your experiences.

The application will be judged by Global Learning Specialists in KSU's faculty and staff based on the criteria outlined throughout.
Remember to present a complete account of your global learning experiences. Applicants seeking certification with distinction should pay close attention to any additional requirements. Share your story!

How do I know if I qualify for the GEC?
If interested in this certification, the Division of Global Affairs highly encourages you to first answer a few basic questions in order to determine which certification is right for you.

Upon completion of the initial qualification questions, prospective applicants will be directed to the actual application form. The GEC application consists of a basic applicant profile followed by a series of short essay questions. Please use the space provided to provide a reflection of 250 words or more of your experiences with international community engagement.

At any point prior to the application deadline you can return to your applicationĀ to edit your responses, provided you access the survey on the same device and from the same browser in which you began.

If you have any questions regarding your application, please email

Thank you again for your interest and best of luck!
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