Celebrate Our Silver Anniversary!

Girl Scouts Beyond Bars is turning 25 and we're having a party!  

If you were ever a member of Girl Scouts Beyond Bars -- as a mother or as a daughter -- let us know. If you were a guardian of a Beyond Bars girl; if you worked with the program as Girl Scout staff, volunteer, or MCIW staff, let us know. If you ever donated to the program, let us know!
We want to invite you to a luncheon gala at La Fontaine Bleue on Saturday, November 4, 2017. But, we can only invite you if we know who you are, so fill out this contact form and we can get in touch with more details about the 25th Anniversary Celebration.

* 1. Your Contact Information:

* 2. What was/is your role(s) with Girl Scouts Beyond Bars? Please check all that apply.

* 3. What year(s) were you in those role(s)? If you don't remember exactly, please give your best guess, using this format:  yyyy-yyyy (ex: 1996-2000) or yyyy-present

* 4. Would you like to attend the 25th Anniversary luncheon at La Fontaine Bleue on November 4, 2017? (We are seeking sponsorships to keep the cost as low as possible for current and former members.)

* 5. How did you find out about the 25th Anniversary celebration?

If you know anyone else who has been associated with Girl Scouts Beyond Bars during the past 25 years, please share the link to this form and encourage them to complete it so we can invite them to the celebration, too!