* 1. Who is filling out this proposal?

* 2. Who is serving as the assessment project liaison and graduate student mentor?
(If same as above, please note that in one of the text boxes.)

* 3. What is your impetus/motivation for carrying out an assessment (curriculum evaluation) project?

* 4. Describe your assessment project (context, planned tasks/activities, scope, and timeline) and the type of assistance you would like to get from a Graduate Assessment Fellow. (200 words max)

* 5. Briefly describe the support you have from the Chair/Director, faculty, and/or staff to pursue the assessment project. (100 words max)

* 6. Are there specific skills or background that you would seek in a graduate student who will be assisting with your assessment (curriculum evaluation) project?

* 7. Are there anything else you would you like to share with us in order to help us find the best graduate student match for your assessment (curriculum evaluation) project?
If you have a graduate student in mind already, then please name the student here.