* 1. Have you ever participated in any of our Language activities?

* 2. Do you prefer any of them in particular and why?
* Please leave your feedback if you have taken part before.
* If not, please indicate which one of them you think suits you more.

* 3. What would you like we organise for you? We would be happy to look into this for you and organise.

* 4. Do you like to do the activity always in the same place, or do you prefer to change and how often?
What do you think of our main venue? (Chicha Restaurant, 55 Bold Street)

* 5. Which language(s) are you interested in and what is your respective level?
Please specify A0-A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2 if you know, or basic-intermediate-advanced.

* 6. Which days are convenient for you?

* 7. What specific time?
Please specify any different available time depending on the day

* 8. When would you like to start in 2018?
(we are planning to start most probably at the end of January)

* 9. Please add your contact details

* 10. BONUS:
* Leave any question you may have. We will contact you with the answer.
* In case you have previously attended any of our activities, could you kindly leave a testimonial to be published on our website?
Many thanks!