* 1. How often do you ride a ColumBUS Transit bus?

* 2. What route do you usually ride? (Check all that apply)

* 3. About how far do you live from a bus stop?

* 4. Do you usually have to transfer from one bus to another to complete your trip?

* 5. When you get off the bus at the end of your trip, how far to you have to walk to reach your destination?

* 6. Do you use a wheelchair?

* 7. Do you take a bicycle onto the bus, using the bike rack on the front of the bus?

* 8. For what purposes do you ride the bus? (Check all that apply)

* 9. Do you ever take the bus to any of these locations? (Check all that apply)

* 10. How do you feel about the ColumBUS public transit system?

  Strongly Agree Agree No Opinion Disagree Strongly Disagree
The ColumBUS Transit system is important to Columbus, the economy and creating a more liveable city.
I would like to see ColumBUS as a more prominent part of the community's transportation system.
I would like to live in a community where I could ride the bus to meet the needs of my lifestyle.
Driving is more stressful than riding the bus.
ColumBUS should provide all citizens, with and without cars,with a high-quality mass transit option.
ColumBUS fares should be as low as possible to provide mobility to all residents.
If ColumBUS Transit were convenient enough, I would use it.
Overall, ColumBUS Transit is doing an effective job serving the city.

* 11. How would you rate the following about riding the bus in Columbus?

  Adequate Inadequate No Opinion
Existing bus routes
System efficiency
Frequency of service
Hours of service
Bus stop facilities
Bus stop locations
Crosswalks near bus stops
Ramps and accessibility
Connectivity between bus stops and sidewalks, trails, etc.
ColumBUS route map
ColumBUS webpage

* 12. If you don't ride the bus, what are the reasons? (Check all that apply)

* 13. What types of improvements to ColumBUS Transit would you like to see? (Please select 3)

* 14. Does anyone else in your household ride the bus?

* 15. How often do you use Call-a-Bus

* 16. Does anyone else in your family use Call-a-Bus? (Check all that apply)

* 17. What part of Columbus do you live in?

* 18. What is your age?

* 19. How many vehicles do you have in your household?

* 20. What is your annual household income? (Question is optional)