* 1. What is your organization's fiscal year budget?

* 2. What was the total dollar amount raised by your organization (including matches) on Giving Tuesday?

* 3. What was the total number of gifts/donations to your organization on Giving Tuesday?

* 4. Did your organization receive any matching gifts?

* 5. Did your organization raise more, less, or about the same as last year on Giving Tuesday?

* 6. Did your organization receive any volunteer pledges on Giving Tuesday?

* 7. If yes, how many people pledged to volunteer with your organization? (optional)

* 8. If yes, how many total volunteer hours were pledged? (optional)

* 9. What communication platform(s) did you use to promote your campaign? Mark all that apply.

* 10. How helpful were the following resources to your GRgives on Giving Tuesday planning?

  Helpful Not Helpful Was aware of but did not use Was not aware of
#GRgives hashtag
GRgives.com website
GRgives Facebook page
GRgives nonprofit toolkit
GRgives planning emails
GRgives posters & stickers

* 12. How likely are you to participate in GRgives on Giving Tuesday again next year?

* 13. If you'd like to share your Giving Tuesday experience with us, please enter your organization's name and tell us your story. We will contact you if we choose your story to share on the GRgives Facebook page or publicly through other media!