Natural Hair Style Wig Options For Men/Women of Color Experiencing Hair Loss

I'm Dianne Austin and in 2015, I lost all of my hair due to chemotherapy.  I'm very interested in learning more about the experiences of men and women of color who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or for other reasons. If you have lost your hair through medical reasons or through hair styling choices - or just lost your hair over time, I value your opinion.  The data will be used to help provide services for those looking for wig options due to hair loss.
Thank you for helping me to gather data by taking this important hair loss survey. To learn more about me, check out my YouTube channel: A Naturalista's Hair Loss Journey.


* 1. Are you a woman or man of color who wears their hair natural, (afro kinky, curly, braided or dreadlocked) who has lost your hair due to chemotherapy or from alopecia/other reasons?

* 2. How do you wear your natural hair?

* 3. If you have lost your hair due to chemotherapy, medical or other reasons and you decided to purchase a wig, did you find it difficult to find wigs that matched your natural hair type, (specifically afro kinky or highly textured curlier textures, locs or braids) at cancer center/medical wig boutiques or beauty supply stores?

* 4. For women/men suffering from chemotherapymedical or non-medical hair loss, would you prefer to purchase a wig through one or all of the following sources?

* 5. Many health insurers provide money for a wig prescription, (known as a cranial prosthesis). Is it important that you be able to use your health insurance to pay for your wig purchase?

* 6. What price range are you willing to pay/have paid for a wig? (Please select all that apply).

* 7. Do you prefer synthetic or human hair wigs?

* 8. Do you identify as:

* 9. What is your gender?

* 10. Where do you live?