Welcome to the GRS Management Client Services Customer Survey

Dear Resident,
In an ongoing effort to improve our client experience when you visit or call our Accounting office, we are asking that you help us by taking about one minute to complete our survey below.

* 1. How well do you feel our company understands your Accounting needs?

* 2. How easy was it to get the information you needed?

* 3. How helpful was our team member?

* 4. How professional was our team?

* 5. How long did it take to speak to the right person?

* 6. When interacting with our team, how knowledgeable did we seem to you?

* 7. Is there one thing you can think of that will make doing business with us even better, what would it be?

* 8. How friendly was our team?

* 9. Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with our company?

* 10. Please share with us any additional comments you may have.