Ecovillage Design Education

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* 1. If you want to join the Glarisegg EDE please register here:

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* 2. Do you have a project you will be bringing to this course?  If yes, please describe. ( It is not a necessary requirement, participants will work in groups on selected projects.)

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* 3. Do you have background experiences in group work? Please describe. Do you participate in any kind of NGO, Social Movement, Community, Institution or Network? Please give details. 

Do you have any background/experiences with training of trainers or being trained to be a teacher/facilitator of any kind. Please give details. Have you participated in other sustainability training courses? If so, where and when was this?

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* 4. What is the best thing the EDE Glarisegg could offer you? What would you like to receive or learn from this course?

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* 5. What qualities or skills will you bring with you to share?

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* 6. Do you have any extreme dietary needs? Do you have any physical limitations and/or are you taking any medication currently or recently that we should know about? Please give details.

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* 7. How stable are you in your psyche? Are you in or have you been in psychotherapeutic treatment?

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* 8. In up to 150 words, how would you like to introduce yourself to the other participants of the training - your work, hope, visions, challenges. (Please note this particular answer will be circulated)

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* 9. By submitting this application I agree to:

I am responsible for my physical, mental, emotional ans spiritual well being and I actively take and hold this responsibility.

I understand that because of the nature of this program, which is designed to be challenging as well as supportive, I am likely to come up against my edges and at times, this may be uncomfortable or difficult period.

I agree to equipe myself with the appropriate resources to support myself on this journey, so that I can to the best of my ability take everything that arises as an opportunity to learn and grow.

I am willing to enquire into unhelpful automatic pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving.

I agree not to take unprescribed drugs or drink alcohol during the course.

I agree to treat myself, other participants and the stuff of the course with kindness and respect. I will not be violent to myself, others or the environment.

Please sign here:

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* 10. Pricing for our course:
      We offer a sliding scale of investment into our course with an intention to include as many people from different cultures and backgrounds as possible. We are trusting that by offering a full range of options that those who can afford more are helping to support those who can not. 

Your investment is inclusive of a room (2-5beds), biological vegetarian/vegan food and a full program (to leave with an EDE Certificate) for 33 days.

So please attune to your investment capacity in this effort of Creating a Transformative Culture in the range from 1500 - 3500 CHF.

Survive Rate: 1500 Euros- This is the most basic investment to start the program.

Middle Path: 2500 Euros- This amount covers costs and allows trainers to receive a basic income for their work.

Thrive Rate: 3500 Euros- Allows us to not worry about the number of participants, supports those who can not afford the middle path and generates an income for the supporting the program.

We have a generous scholarship possibility to support the inclusion of people from less privileged regions or countries and all people can write to request special compensation. If you want to apply for a scholarship please write to and include a letter letting us know more about yourself, what you can pay and why you feel qualified to receive additional funding. We will consider all applications personally.

is open until December 28, 2020. The payment has to be completed till the 4th of January 2021.

Cancelation policy: 
If you need to sign out please let us know as soon as possible. 

If you cancel after the 28th of December, we need to keep 200€ with us for the organizational pre-work. If you cancel after the 4th of January our policy is to return you only 10% of your investment. 

Please fill in your investment amount here: