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* 2. If you learned about this opporthity through a Creatively Fit Coach, please share their name as well.

* 3. Creatively Fit Coaches are either Life/Biz Coaches looking to expand their offerings or Creatives (artists, art teachers, future artists or art teachers). There is no painting or art experience necessary, only a passion for your own personal development AND helping others in their personal development.

Please describe your current occupation or professional interests.

* 4. Which answer best describes your current personal beliefs around creativity?

* 5. How often to you coach or teach others?

* 6. What is most attractive to you about the 4-Level Creatively Fit Coaching Training?

* 7. What would you most want to get out of the Creatively Fit Coaching Training?

* 8. This journey is both a creative and spiritual one. We don't actually believe you can have one without the other. :) Please share your degree of interest in your own, personal spiritual growth. Thank you!

* 9. Do you have 4 to 6 hours a week to devote to the Creatively Fit Coaching Training Program?

* 10. Is there anything else you would like to share with Whitney Freya? (Please be sure you have included your email address in the 1st question or below, so we can contact you.)