Scholastic ART Spring Survey

Chance to WIN $25 Gift Certificate for Scholastic products!

We want to know how Scholastic ART can better serve your needs. You can help by taking a few moments to complete this survey. Just for answering, 10 of you will win a $25 gift certificate for Scholastic products. Thank you for your time - the survey should take about 10-15 minutes.

* Did you subscribe to Scholastic ART this year (2010-2011)?

* For how many years have you used Scholastic ART?

* For what grade level are you using Scholastic ART? (You may select more than one.)

* In general, how do your students find the reading level for Scholastic ART?

* In general, how satisfied were you with the issues you received this year?


* Please check the issues from this year that you found the most useful? (You can check more than one.)

* Were there any issues you were unable to use and why?