The Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority and the Town of Estes Park/Estes Park Police have established an emergency notification system that would send a text message to guests (who opt-in) only when there is an emergency in the area. The guest's subscription will be voided after two weeks to avoid them receiving alerts after they depart Estes Park.

We are looking at ways to inform guests of this service and sign-up instructions. We would like your feedback on which communications tactics (if any) you would be interested in supporting through your business/organization. This will help us be efficient with our budget and to be effective with our outreach. Thank you in advance!

Sample of promotional material look and copy (will be adjusted for different tactics): 

Question Title

* Would you be willing to support this information campaign?

Question Title

* Of the following communication tactics, please check all those that you would be willing to implement in your business: