Varcon is a firm of consulting engineers/technologists focused on providing services to users/owners of towers and wireless transmission sites (telecom, broadcast, utilities, government agencies).  Incorporated in 1987, Varcon has grown 5 offices across Canada from which we service every province in Canada (and most states, too).  The work we do requires a very specific fit from new recruits.  Because our work is so specialized, people with no previous tower industry experience will require a significant amount of training before they are able to complete work independenty. This means Varcon senior staff have to spend time training new recruits (rather than working on billable tasks).  This means Varcon has to pay for new recruits to obtain required basic certifications.  This means Varcon pays new recruits a salary before they are able to actually do the job for which they are being paid.  Given the amount of investment, it is very important that new recruits are well aware of job requirements and we ensure there is a good fit between recruit expectaions and Varcon expectations.  Failing to do so will result in lost time for the recruit and lost time/money for Varcon.

Please take a moment to fill out the following survey.  Someone will follow up with you should you represent a possible fit.

In addition: email your mandatory application documents (resume, references & transcripts) to

* 1. Current Home Address

* 3. Select the branch location(s) to which you wish to apply - give each branch of interest a rating to show your preferences (Your primary choice would be ranked "1")(Select n/a if you do not want to consider working in that branch)

* 6. Provide your "ballpark estimate" for your expected/required annual salary range.

* 7. Varcon technical staff engage in both fieldwork and office work.  Typically, entry level recruits are assigned heavily to fieldwork/inspections to gain experience that can be parlayed into more office engineering (analysis, design, etc.) as their ability/career progresses.  Select, from the scale below, your relative preference for field vs office work.

* 8. Office work includes the writing of professional reports in English.  How strong is your English language ability? (both written and verbal)

* 18. List all certifications you currently hold that may be relevant to your position - safe climbing, aerial rescue, First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, CSST, etc.