* 1. If an unclean fly falls into the Holy Anointing Oil; what is the result?

* 2. You know in the ancient times the lepers, and widowed, and orphans were placed in cites and graveyards to live away from the city. Which to you think is more painful for them personally?

* 3. If you knew a woman that was in a bad marraige and physical abuse was going on; What would be your opinion?

* 4. If you thought that current troubles and situations in a friends life, like marraige, financial, etc were of his own fault: what would be your response?

* 5. Do you believe in responsibility assumption philosophy? Which means you are responsible for every thing in your life that happens to you, whether good or bad.

* 6. Do you believe that man's yielded will is imperative to fulfilling God's plans and purposes upon the earth?

* 7. Do you consider yourself

* 8. Jesus said the poor you have with you always. How do we deal with this issue? What is the best way to handle this situation?