Outdoors for All is encouraging volunteer instructors to pursue their PSIA Adaptive Level 1 certification this winter. We will be offering some clinics on Wednesday evening at the Summit at Snoqualmie to help volunteers prepare for this. The training will be open to limited participants.
Applications will close December 13th.

All of the information regarding PSIA Certification can be found here: https://www.psia-nw.org/education/adaptive/. For exam purposes, PSIA-NW divides disability diagnosis into three (3) specialty categories, or “modules” below. This year we are focusing on Mono/Bi.

· Mono/Bi – Sit down skiers

Candidates are expected to teach mono-ski and bi-ski students (fixed and handheld outriggers) through the Beginner/Novice Zone. Candidates are expected to tether a bi-ski with fixed outriggers on groomed green terrain. Candidates are not expected to ski independently, or to independently load the chairlift, in any of the sit down equipment.

EXAM CHECKLIST: This below checklist is to help you navigate and track towards the exam process through clinics and teaching with Outdoors for All.  Please ensure that you have adequate time to complete these steps taking into consideration your timeline and exam date.

MAINTAIN YOUR PSIA / AASI MEMBERSHIP (Member fees: approximately $121 / year)
Online at:  https://www.psia-nw.org/membership/current-members/
Must have your Alpine Level 1 certification before attending the Adaptive Level 1 exam
TRAINING DATES: January 11th, January 18th, January 25th, and February 1st from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Makeup day is February 8th.

MOCK EXAM: February 15th 7 PM - 9 PM
EXAM DATE: March 18th or 19th at The Summit at Snoqualmie for a full day
To sign-up for the online written exam, visit the Events  Calendar and click on Online Exams.

After registration, you will receive a link to take your online written exam. You must successfully complete (75% or higher) the online written exam one month (30 days) prior to taking any on snow module
Candidates for Level I Adaptive Alpine must complete a Development Log (found on the adaptive certification page) prior to the on snow exam.

REGISTER FOR ON SNOW EXAM: 2 weeks prior to exam - Price TBD

All events can be found online at https://www.psia-nw.org/events/

o   Adaptive Technical Manual

o   Alpine Technical Manual

o   Core Concepts

o   The Matrix

o   Fundamental Mechanics of Alpine Skiing Across Adaptive Disciplines

o   PSIA-E-AASI Adaptive Study Guide

o   PSIA-RM-AASI Adaptive Encyclopedia

*Some manuals are available at the Outdoors for All office to borrow or make copies.

For more information, contact:

Tisha Achorn, Outdoors for All Training Manager at tishaa@outdoorsforall.org