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* 1. Please complete the following information:

* 2. Are you a registered volunteer leader with 4-H?

* 3. Gender

* 4. Ethnicity

* 5. Race

* 6. My skills for involving young people as partners in planning and decision making during an event.

* 7. My confidence to delegate tasks or roles to youth.

* 8. My ability to work with youth who are different from me.

* 9. My understanding of how to use positive intervention techniques with youth.

* 10. My confidence to help youth develop friendships and self-confidence in new situations.

* 11. My understanding of my role and responsibilities as a chaperone.

* 12. My understanding of ways to establish a safe environment for youth during an event.

* 13. My awareness of the steps to report child maltreatment.

* 14. My knowledge of preparing for events and activities to minimize risks.

* 15. My understanding of appropriate dress for 4-H events and activities.

* 16. My knowledge of what to do with youth incase of an emergency (medical, security, weather) at an event.