Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Greater Rochester Choral Consortium.
The Greater Rochester Choral Consortium is a forum that brings together community choral ensembles whose members work together in a way that advances the awareness and functioning of choral arts groups in the Greater Rochester Area.
Membership Criteria: 
  • Community Choral Ensemble in the Greater Rochester, NY area. 
  • Faithful attendance at General Meetings (3 per year). 
  • Availability to work on projects on behalf of the Consortium.
  • Annual dues $35.
Please complete the following as it pertains to your Choral Ensemble:

* Choral Ensemble's Name

* Mission

* Descriptive Information

* Conductor

* Principal Contact (if different from Conductor)

* Alternate Contact

* Other information about your Choral Ensemble

* As signatory, I am authorized by my Choral Ensemble to submit this application:

* Application Approval