* 1. Thank you for participating in Grand Canyon's Distance Learning program. In order to improve our educational efforts, we need your feedback. Please make specific suggestions and comments on the program, especially if we did something really well or if something needs improvement.

* 2. The program fulfilled my expectations.

* 3. I believe the students were fully engaged and enjoyed the program.

* 4. The pre-assessment helped me determine what my students knew about the subject area and make instructional decisions about student strengths and needs.

* 5. The pre-activity lesson helped me prepare my students academically for our distance learning presentation.

* 6. The pre-activity lesson enhanced the distance learning presentation and met the curriculum standards required for my grade level.

* 7. Participating in the distance learning presentation helped me meet the curriculum standard requirements for my grade level.

* 8. I would participate in another distance learning program with Grand Canyon.

* 9. Please list any of the activities or materials from our website that you used to prepare the students. Were they helpful?

* 10. Please list one thing that went particularly well during your program.

* 11. Please list anything we could improve upon for next time.

* 12. How did you hear about Grand Canyon's Distance Learning program? Why did you decide to register for a program?

* 13. Can you please list any technological challenges or comments about the quality of your connection to us?

* 14. The Grand Canyon Virtual Studio for Kids was made possible by funding from Grand Canyon Association, grants and private donors. How did distance learning improve the classroom experience for your students? Did you notice any "aha" moments among your students that you could share?

* 15. How important is it to include multi-media educational techniques in your classroom?

* 16. Thank you for taking the time to fill out our program evaluation. We hope to conduct distance learning programs with you again next year! Please feel free to use this space to add any other comments.

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