Seattle Climate Action Plan

The City of Seattle is writing a new Climate Action Plan to meet the bold goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. Your input is needed to create a plan that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, helps the city prepare for the impacts of a changing climate, and makes Seattle an even better place to live. The City Council plans to adopt a new Climate Action Plan on Earth Day 2013.

The Green Ribbon Commission

To help us create the best possible plan, we asked the Green Ribbon Commission (GRC), a group of 26 community, environmental, and business leaders, to recommend actions to include in the new Plan. The Commission’s recommendations include both short-term actions that we can get moving in the next few years, and longer-term actions that will not only help us reach our goals but will also help make Seattle more resilient, equitable, prosperous, environmentally sustainable, and an all-around great city.

We’d like to know what you think are the highest priority actions for Seattle to take in the next few years. We have listed 63 Quick Start actions from the GRC recommendations that could be implemented by 2015. Please vote for your top actions in the survey on the following pages.

You can also send us your comments on the plan or provide new ideas –

You can read the entire Green Ribbon Commission recommendations report by linking from