Importance of Bus Stop and Service Features

We are looking for your input on what features you find most important for Grand Rapids bus stops. Ultimately, your feedback will help us determine where and what bus stop improvements occur on the City’s free Downtown Area Shuttle (DASH) and The Rapid’s fixed bus routes.

The City of Grand Rapids, Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc. and The Rapid thank you for your time!

* 1. Select the five most important bus stop features to you.

* 2. When considering which bus stops to make improvements, how important do you think it is to consider each of the following?

  Not at all Important Slightly Important Moderately Important Very Important Extremely Important No Opinion
High Ridership
Low Car Ownership
Employment Centers
Social Services
Senior Citizens


* 3. Consider the existing transit network (spanning Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Wyoming, Walker, and Grandville), which investment type is most important:

* 4. Select the three most important bus service features to you

* 5. Have you experienced any of these difficulties as a Rapid rider? Check all that apply.