GRACE Survey for Saint Peter's Cathedral Investigation

This confidential survey is a part of an Independent Investigationrelated to past allegations of misconduct by representatives of Saint Peter’s Anglican Cathedral and a review of the responses by the church to such allegations. The purpose of this survey is to 1) collect any and all relevant information consistent with the scope of this investigation, and 2) assist GRACE in identifying individuals who may have relevant information that we could contact in order to schedule follow-up interviews relevant to this investigation. Please know that the information provided by survey respondents within the survey itself may be used in the Executive Summary provided to Saint Peter’s Anglican Cathedral. However, the name of survey respondents shall be kept strictly confidential and will not be voluntarily disclosed to Saint Peter’s Anglican Cathedral, or to any third party without the written permission of the individual survey respondent.

Scope of the Investigation:
GRACE shall investigate any and all allegations of clergy misconduct by Eric Dudley, including but not limited to, whether Saint Peters had any knowledge of such allegations and if so, how Saint Peters responded to such allegations. GRACE shall also investigate any and all known allegations of sexual misconduct perpetrated by Saint Peters staff and/or volunteers, including but not limited to, whether Saint Peters had knowledge of such allegations and how it responded.

As it relates to this survey, the following definitions apply:

A survivor is any individual (regardless of age or gender) who is a victim of misconduct.

Misconduct is defined as any verbal, nonverbal and/or physical acts of an immoral, indecent, or sexual nature that are 1) unwelcome or2) performed without consent or3) committed by one in a position of authority upon a subordinate.

“Without consent” means that consent is not freely given or obtained, and is accomplished through force, intimidation, violence, manipulation, coercion, threat, deception, or misuse of authority or power.

Any person who is mentally or physically incapacitated is incapable of providing consent.

Question Title

* 1. I have read the purpose of this survey, the scope of the investigation, and the survey instructions, and I wish to proceed with this survey:

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