The Green Room Awards are Melbourne’s premier peer judged awards for performances on the Melbourne stage. Each year, approximately 55 awards are made in categories that include production, direction, choreography, composition, set & costume design, lighting & sound design, writing and performance. The awards are determined by seven artform panels each comprising up to ten volunteer members.

The seven panels are:
• Cabaret
• Contemporary & Experimental Performance
• Dance
• Independent Theatre
• Music Theatre
• Opera
• Theatre Companies.

Members of these panels are drawn from across the arts industry. Panel members are practicing professionals with expertise in the panel’s particular artform. It is the aim of each panel for its combined membership to have the skills, experience and perspective to fairly evaluate the work that they see, to reflect the range of awards that are made and to represent a workable balance of experience, gender and cultural and other diversities.

It is expected that all panel members will be:
• Experienced professionals with broad knowledge in their particular artform.
• Available to attend eligible works for at least ten months out of the calendar year.
• Available (within reason) to attend and contribute to all panel meetings.
• Available (within reason) to attend the Annual Ratification Meeting and the Annual General Meeting.
• Prepared to respect and abide by the high level of confidentiality that is associated with the role.
• Prepared to respect and abide by the Green Room Awards Panels Code of Conduct.
• Prepared to respect and abide by the Green Room Awards Conflict of Interest Policy.
• Prepared to contribute without fear or favour and at all times remain impartial and objective.

Panel Members are expected to commit to a three year term, with an option for a one year extension. In cases where a Panel member takes on the role of Panel Chair or Deputy Panel Chair, that term may be extended by a further year. Panel Members who have completed their term must wait at least one year before submitting a new Expression of Interest to join a Judging Panel.

When Panel members retire, we need to find new members. To facilitate this, the Association will maintain a Register of Expressions of Interest from arts professionals across the industry. Anyone who meets the criteria for a Panel Member and is willing to make the voluntary commitment may make an Expression of Interest in being considered for Panel membership.