In 2002, the City of Middletown approved a law prohibiting live outdoor music for eating and drinking businesses. The law was approved after concerns were raised about how outdoor music could impact the quality of life of neighboring homes and establishments. While a business can have live music inside of their establishment, some business owners have come forward to ask that we reconsider this law to allow for outdoor performances. As a part of this process, we are seeking input from City residents to see how they feel about multiple businesses having live outdoor music, since it is possible their neighborhoods could be affected by the noise. Any information related to names or addresses will be kept confidential; however, we will use the rest of this survey when deliberating the law and reviewing zoning standards.
This survey will remain live until March 31st.

* 1. Please provide an e-mail address to ensure the best results.

* 2. Where is your place of residence?

* 3. What is your age?

* 4. If you reside in Middletown, what street do you live on? (Providing an address number is not necessary)

* 5. Do you own or rent?

* 6. Do you think Middletown is lacking live outdoor music?

* 7. Would you approve of a business near your home and/or business having live outdoor music?

* 8. Do you think live outdoor music could impede your quality of life?

* 9. If a business had live outdoor music, would you mind if a style of music you didn't like was performed?

* 10. Would you frequent a business that offered live outdoor music?

* 11. If you lived in proximity of a business that hosted live outdoor music, would you prefer amplified or non-amplified music?

* 12. Do you think there should be a limit on how loud the music could be amplified?

* 13. If you are a business/property owner, do you believe live outdoor music could harm your investment?

* 14. Do you think businesses that want live outdoor music should have to provide noise blocking equipment, such as sound absorbing panels/fences?

* 15. If the City were to allow live outdoor music, at what time would you prefer the music to start?

* 16. At what time would you prefer the music to end?

* 17. Additional Comments: