1. The most important survey ever

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We were shocked to learn that not everyone knows that we make our own Moosejaw brand product. So we decided to ask all of our awesome custies about ways to get the word out and make it even better. They’re predicting it’ll take you four minutes to finish the survey, and you get a $10 coupon to spend at Moosejaw.com when you’re done. Okay… here we go.

1. How familiar are you with the following Moosejaw Brand products?

  Never heard of it Might've seen it I know it's out there I've scoped it out I own some!
Water Bottles
Hats & Beanies
Dresses & Wraps
Sweatshirts & Pants
Gloves & Scarves

2. If you've heard about Moosejaw Brand products, how did you? (Check all that apply)

3. If you have heard about Moosejaw Brand product but have never bought any, why not? (CHOOSE UP TO 3)

4. I want to get on Shark Tank, but I think I need some sort of product idea first. Which of these has the most potential?