1. Introduction

Dear participant
Since July 2007 in Canada, continuing medical education (CME) and/or continuing professional development (CPD) are mandatory to keep your medical license.
This needs assessment explores your wishes and/or habits for CME and/or for CPD in order to better tailor our services to your current and anticipated needs. Please complete this short survey (5 - 10 minutes). All information we gather will be kept confidential.

1. Describe your preferred format for attending CME/CPD programs

  Never Sometimes Always
a. Face-to-face
b. Online

2. What kind of CME/CPD programs would you usually attend?

  Never Sometimes Always
a. Live conferences
b. Grand Rounds (i.e. hospital-based discussions of cases)
c. Archived CME presentations from live conferences
d. Webcast conferences
e. Scheduled online modules
f. Online chat (i.e. synchronous)
g. Online discussion board (i.e. asynchronous/forum)

3. If applicable, please list your top three favorite sites that provide online CME/CPD programs.

4. Please rate the importance of the following items when selecting your preferred CME/CPD provider?

  None Some Medium High Very high
a. Relevance of content to my needs
b. Credibility of the provider (e.g.industry, academic)
c. User-friendliness to navigate on the site
d. Type of fees
e. Type of technological support
f. Type of incentive to complete an activity (i.e. airmiles)
g. Type of self-assessment tools (i.e. electronic cases)
h. Type of games and/or humorous features
i. Access to e-mailing a specialist
j. Access to a literature review engine
k. Access to several relevant features from the same site

5. Have you ever completed any CME/CPD activity offered by the MdBriefcase/MdPassport site?

6. If you have used the MdBriefcase/mdPassport CME/CPD site, please rate the relevance of the following features for your future practice.

  None Some Medium High Very high
a. Clinical case-based programs
b. Clinical Guidelines on specific conditions
c. Literature review engine
d. Collaborative interprofessional modules
e. Medical news
f. Patient education tools

7. Rate your computer literacy level

8. Rate your competency and comfort in completing CME/CPD programs online

  Competency Comfort
a. None
b. Low
c. Medium
d. High
e. Very high

9. Select the main barrier(s) to participate in online CME/CPD.

10. Add any comment or question that is relevant to your needs in CME/CPD

11. Demographic data

12. Your field of training

13. Residency level

14. Select your future type of practice

15. Select the potential location of your practice

16. Select your future main affiliation