* 1. There are 18 vehicles in the parking lot. Some are cars and some are motorcycles. The total number of wheels is 10 more than 3 times the number of vehicles. How many motorcycles are in the parking lot?

* 2. What is the compound word in the following sentence? - The bus driver took an alternate route to the airport.

* 3. Tom has 5 pairs of running shoes and 8 pairs of socks. How many different combinations can he make with these items?

* 4. What does 'opaque' mean in the following sentence? The bathroom had a huge window with opaque glass.

* 5. The mean average of these four marks -- 97, 78, 84, and 86 -- will become your report card grade. What will your report card grade be?

* 6. Hair is to stubble as potatoes are to ___ .

* 7. 1/6 of the fruit bowl has bananas in it, 1/3 of the fruit bowl has apples in it, and 12 or 1/2 of the fruit bowl has pears in it. How many bananas and apples are in the fruit bowl?

* 8. 'Carefully' is an example of what type of word?

* 9. Which number is not a prime number?

* 10. Berate is to criticize as ___ is to 'care about'.

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