County Service Area (CSA) 26b is a special assessment district that provides basic roadside landscaping and slope maintenance along some streets in the neighborhood, including Weighorst Way. Services primarily include litter pick up, pruning and weeding. Currently, along the east side of Weighorst Way, the CSA can only maintain the first five feet or so. There is a large area (17 feet wide) along the length of Wieghorst Way from Fury Lane to Calle Albara between the five-foot strip and the wall, however, where maintenance cannot be done by the CSA. That strip of land is not part of the CSA, and the CSA has no easement or right of entry to that area. Therefore, there is no maintenance of that area by any agency or organization. (You can see maps of the area and view a PowerPoint that shows the 17 foot wide strip by going to You will need to copy and paste this into your browser.)

We are asking you, the property owners in this neighborhood, to weigh in on whether you would support increasing the area maintained by landscaping services to include that 17-foot-wide strip of land. And because this maintenance would add some cost, we would like to know your opinion as to the appropriate level of assessment. You will incur absolutely no obligation by answering this survey. If the neighborhood is generally in favor of increasing assessments to pay for that 17-foot strip of land, the next step will be to prepare a formal ballot so that property owners can vote on the issue. We thank you in advance for answering this survey. ~ CSA Staff

* 1. In general, and with no obligation to you at all, would you be in favor of the County Service Area providing landscaping along the 17-foot-wide strip of land along the length of Wieghorst Way?

* 2. Option 1: Basic maintenance (litter removal, weeding and pruning - with no planting or hardscaping improvements) of the 17-foot-wide strip of land for the length of Wieghorst Way would cost a total of about $24,000 per year. There would also be a one-time cost of $40,000 to cover the costs of creating all the documents to ballot and conduct Board of Supervisor hearings. This would result in an additional assessment of $91 per household for the first year only. Thereafter, the ongoing assessment would be $34 annually per household. These rates are based on taking the cost and dividing it evenly among the 700 households in the neighborhood. There would be about a 2 percent increase each year to keep up with inflation based on the Construction Price Index. At these rates, would you be in favor of providing basic maintenance of the 17-foot -wide strip of land?

* 3. Option 2: Beyond basic maintenance, you also have an option to make improvements to the 17-foot-wide strip of land with designed hard-scaping and replacement low water-use plantings over time. The benefit of this work is to make the landscaping and the CSA sustainable into the future, even if costs of water, etc. rise.

The plan will be implemented for the existing landscape areas with no increases in the existing assessments. To implement these improvements, the additional assessment charged would be $105.87 per home in year one, $48.73 per home annually in years two through five, then $34 annually in year six and beyond. Do you think that you would be in support of this plan?

* 4. Option 3: Implement the improvements, just like in the question 3 above, but spread the cost of the balloting procedures over several years. The result would be an additional assessment of $67.78 per home for the first three years $48.73 per home annually for two years, and then maintenance only at $34 annually from then on.

* 5. In general, would you prefer the improvement plan or maintenance only?

* 6. Are you a property owner within County Service Area 26b?