Parishioners' Naming of the Central Trinity Vicariate Family One-CTV-1 Feedback Form

Our Family Priests have asked for Parishioners to assist in naming our Family of Parishes.

Question: Why do we need a Family of Parishes Name?

Answer: To identify the unique charisms and/or commitment of our Family of Parishes to partner and collaborate as a team.

The naming of the Family must be completed by October 7, 2021 (Our Commissioning Mass Date). Below, please find an outline of general guidelines regarding naming a Family of Parishes.

The Family name is something which must be discerned and reflect an unique aspect of the Family. Criteria  for consideration of a Family name includes;
o A particular Family charism or an extraordinary power (as of healing) given a Christian by the Holy Spirit for the good of the church.
o The spirituality or particular devotion of the Family
o The name could be pulled from one of the key historical leaders of the AOD or the Universal Church
o Though there may be exceptions, the Family should generally not be named after a particular Saint in order to avoid confusion regarding whether the Family is a Parish:
for example, naming a Family the St. John Paul II Family is not recommended, as it could be confused for a parish.

Some examples and options of Family Names are; 
One Body in Christ Family or “Unum Corpus Christi” Family
New Pentecost Family or  "Novum Pentecosten" Family
One in the Spirit Family or "Uniti in Spiritu" Family 
Sent on Mission Family or "Missi in Missione"Family
Holy Spirit Family or "Spiritus Sanctus"Family

Below please provide your suggested name for the CTV-1 Family of Parishes.
You may select one of the options
listed above, or place a name in the space provided, which you have discerned.

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