2018 Education Congress-Education Information Survey

Gymnastics SA welcomes your constructive feedback and will use this survey information to plan education and industry training for the SA gymnastics community for the future.  Please discuss the survey with your club coaches (including beginner coaches), judges and committee members.  A diverse range of feedback information helps us to help you! Thank you, from the Education team!

* 1. Name:

* 2. Club Name:

* 4. Which of the following  January Conference sessions did you attend?

* 5. Are there other education topics you would like covered in the 2019 Club & Coaches January Conference?

* 6. Do you believe you benefited from the sessions you attended?

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i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 7. Please rate the presenter/s and the information presented from the session/s you attended.

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i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 8. Did you attend a 2018 GymSport forum (MAG/WAG/GFA/TRP-TUM/RG/KGYM/AER)?

* 9. If no, were you aware of the GoTo teleconference forum option available?

* 10. Did you like the format of the  2018 January Clubs & Coaches Conference?

* 11. Will you be attending the Winter Coaches Congress in 2018?

* 12. Which GymSport Coaches Congress/s would you attend?

* 13. Please list topics & presenters you would like to see in the future.