1. Reading Interest Survey

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Answer the questions below to see how your reading interests and habits compare with those of others taking the survey.

* 1. Enter your age and grade level.

* 2. What types of BOOKS (not magazines, etc.) do you like to read? (Select all that apply.)

* 3. What subjects do you like to read about in nonfiction books (true stories, events, or real people or situations)?

* 4. What are some of your favorite "reads"? You may name a book or books, series, authors, anything that was enjoyable or memorable reading for you.

* 5. Do you read any particular magazines or newspapers on a regular basis?

* 6. If you do read magazines or newspapers, what are some magazines or newspapers that you enjoy?

* 7. How much time do you spend reading for enjoyment (not school-assigned reading) in a typical week?

* 8. How much time each week do you spend reading for school assignments?

* 9. Do you ever read aloud to someone else? And/or does someone else ever read aloud to you? (Select all that apply.)

* 10. What do you do when you have to read something REALLY DIFFICULT or REALLY BORING and you don't have the option to quit reading and pick something else? (What helps you get through situations like this successfully?)