Village of Brooklyn - Public Survey

The Village of Brooklyn is seeking your assistance to determine how to better serve your needs in providing public services. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey so that together, we can make the Village of Brooklyn a better place to live and do business.

* 1. I am a

* 2. I am between the ages of

* 3. Are you a resident of the Village?

* 4. What part of the Village do you live?

* 5. Do you own your home? If yes, go to Question #7.

* 6. If no, do you plan to purchase a home in the Village?

* 7. Do you work within the Village?

* 8. Do you own a business within the Village? If No, got to Question #10.

* 9. If yes, do you own the building in which it is located?

* 10. Why did you decide on Brooklyn for your home and/or to operate your business?

* 11. What do you like most about living or working in the Village of Brooklyn?

* 12. What would you like to see improved in the Village of Brooklyn?

* 13. If only a vistor to the Village, why did you visit?

* 14. How long did you stay?

* 15. Would you come back?

* 16. What would attract you to live here or start a business here?