2018 Stewart Memorial Needs Assessment

Every three years in Iowa, hospitals collect and evaluate the health care needs of their community. Discussion then occurs with community partners to decide what can be done about them. The following survey questions are based on important factors for the health and well-being of everyone in the community. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and help each organization determine what is needed in your community and/or county and to set an order for action by indicating the level of importance of these needs. We are interested in hearing from you. The survey can be found at www.stewartmemorial.org. You will find paper copies at various public sites throughout the county.
Please tell us about you, your current health and your health concerns.

* 1. What are your personal health challenges? (Check all that may apply)

* 2. Where do you go for routine health care?

* 3. Are you able to visit a doctor when needed?

* 4. If you answered No to question 3, please choose all that apply.

* 5. If you used services at a health care facility other than Stewart Memorial, why did you choose to do so:

* 6. If you chose "Services not available at SMCH" in question 5, what type of services were needed?

* 7. Please select the following procedures that you have had in the last year. Check all that apply:

* 8. What services have you used at Stewart Memorial? Please select all that apply.