Flourish Wellness

Let's dive deep into the world of wellbeing, we'll unearth a few gems that you want to polish up and tuck into your pocket so you can call on them as you navigate your way to wellness.x

* 1. When I say wellness you immediately think:

* 2. Do you have a wellness / self-care system that you participate in?

* 3. What do you love about yourself?

* 4. What are your body's best features?

* 5. You've just spent the afternoon with your nose buried in a good book, enjoyed a little guided meditation and a soak in the tub. You're feeling pretty blissed out and renewed. You walk into the kitchen to a sink full of dishes, the clothes are still out on the line and nobody has even given a thought as to what's for dinner.

How do you feel in that moment?

* 6. Nutrition is:

* 7. You're an empowered, inspired woman who wants to make informed choices for her wellbeing, but in the vast ocean of information that is at your fingertips it can be hard to stay afloat.

When it comes to researching nutrition/ wellness / health where do you look first?
(you can choose more than one answer).

* 8. All organic. The raw food movement. The juice craze. Eco-everything. Clean + Green. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. Grain-free. Sugar Free. GOODNESS ME!

Do you feel that slew of readily available nutrition information is making it easier or more difficult for you to make good food choices?

* 9. Do you ever experience guilt when your diet isn't in alignment with the images/recipes you see presented in the books / blogs / social media channels you follow?

* 10. You want to be armed with information that is relevant to you. Wherever you're at.
When it comes to your nutrition and self-care, what kind of curated information do you want easy access to?
(you can choose more than one answer).x