One very important outcome from a player's experience with South Loudoun Basketball is to help boys and girls become men and women of character, understanding, and integrity. It is our hope they will someday help lead, be responsible, and change their community in a positive way.  We want to take time to acknowledge behavior which is encouraging, supportive, and demonstrates the core characteristics of integrity, empathy, sacrifice, and responsibility demonstrated in our league. If you've seen this type of positive behavior from a coach, athlete, parent, referee, or an entire team - we want to hear it!  Instead of looking for the negative, let's change the culture and start lifting each other up.  Let's look for what people are doing right!

Use the questions below to tell us who is making SLB a great experience for everyone involved.

Thank you from South Loudoun Basketball
Please answer the following questions completely.

* Where did you observed this:

* Who would you like to recognize?

* What role does this person(s) have in our league?

* How did this person or group exemplify the core values of South Loudoun Basketball through their words or actions?

* Your name or submitter's name?  (OPTIONAL)