Blood Donor Survey

Please take a moment to fill out this brief blood donor survey to help us make improvements at the Community Blood Bank.

* 1. Did you feel comfortable asking questions about the donation process?

  Very Uncomfortable Very Comfortable
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* 2. How long did you wait between the time you arrived and the time you began the interview?

  1 to 5 minutes 6 to 10 minutes over 10 minutes I didn't pay attention
Please selected the best discription

* 3. Were you thanked for your donation?

* 4. Did the employees interact with you during the donation process i.e. (explain things to you, made you feel comfortable)?

* 5. Please circle the number that best expresses the customer service you received by the donation staff at the blood drive.

  Poor Execellent
Please choose one:

* 6. Did the hours of the blood drive fit your schedule?

* 7. When you registered to donate blood, were you welcomed?

* 8. Did you feel appreciated throughout the donation experience?

  Poor Execellent
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* 9. How likely would it be for you to return to donate blood again?

  Very Unlikely Very Likely
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* 10. Were you satisfied with the refreshments offered at the completion of your donation?

  Very Dissatisfied Very Satisfied
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