Speaking Locations

I often hear, "I wish you were closer." Well, that is ALWAYS a possibility!  I do travel the US presenting dog training, behavior and living a healthy life with our dogs workshops.  I just need to know where you are and what you are interested in.  It's that simple. I also offer the option of setting up group consultations if you have a bunch of friends who are interested, all you need to do is contact me.  If you have just a moment, I would love for you to fill out this quick survey and feel free to share it!  I'm here for you and your dogs, just shoot me a line at Tonya@globaldogtraining.com  www.globaldogtraining.com
Be Kind~
Tonya & Dexter The Dog

* 1. Your city and state (zip codes help too)

* 2. Topics of interest.  I'm open to hear any ideas.  Here are some idea choices: http://www.toledodogtraining.com/items/Dog-Training-Services/Speaker-Booking-Entertainment/list.htm

* 3. How far are you willing to travel?

* 4. Do you have a hosting location (pet business, hotel, hall etc.) in mind?  Please feel free to list.

* 5. Are you interesting in hosting (earning income for self, business or rescue) the event?

* 6. Your name

* 7. Email

* 8. Thank you for your time!!