Help us plan extended hours and seven day GP services across Nottingham North and East

Are you happy about when you can get an appointment at your practice? Would you like to use GP services locally at the weekends? How do you feel about travelling to another local practice to receive care at the weekend? These are some of the questions we'd love to hear your answers to. Your feedback can help us improve GP services across Nottingham North and East.

In line with NHS England’s ‘General Practice Forward View’, which was published in April 2016, we are working towards implementing extended hours and seven day local GP services across the Nottingham North and East area during 2018/19.

 To support this, and to ensure we deliver the services you need, we will be carrying out engagement activities with local people throughout the Summer period to establish what you want from an extended GP service and to look at ways we can further improve access.

We know that extended hours are important to patients and we hope that, through working with GP Practices and local people, we can deliver the right local service for patients.

We are running this engagement campaign across Nottingham North and East from Sunday 18 June to Monday 21 August. 

Fill in our short questionnaire and tell us what you think.....

Access to the GP

* 1. Are you happy with how and when you access your GP practice? (i.e. where it is, opening hours, how you book appointments)

* 2. How far would you be willing to travel to see a GP or nurse at the weekend (this may be a different GP surgery, GP or nurse but will be in the North and East area-see map above)

* 3. Would you need any support to travel to see a GP or a nurse at the weekend? 

* 4. What time would you prefer to see the GP or nurse at the weekend?

* 5. What time would you prefer to see the GP or nurse on a weekday?


* 6. Have you heard of the following ways to access GP services (please tick all that apply)

* 7. If you ticked any of the first three boxes in Q6, please say which services, if any, you use. If you said no to Q6 please go to Q8

* 8. Which of the following would you be happy to use for an appointment with your GP or practice nurse? (please tick all that apply)

* 9. Any other comments

About you

* 10. What is your postcode? We need this so we can make sure the right GP services are available in each area

* 11. Gender

* 12. Is your gender the same as the gender you were originally assigned at birth?

* 13. Marital/Civil Partnership Status

* 14. Ethnic Origin

* 15. Age

* 16. Do you consider yourself to have a disability or long term condition?

* 17. Sexual Orientation

* 18. Religion or Belief

* 19. Are you currently pregnant?

Thank you very much for your time