Bentonville Animal Services & Adoption Center Volunteer Application

1.What is your first and last name?
2.Please provide your date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY).
3.What is your phone number?
4.What is your email address?
5.Are you meeting a class or organization requirement for volunteer hours?(Required.)
6.Have you ever been convicted of any of the below?(Required.)
7.If you selected any boxes in Question 6, please explain further.
8.What is your area of interest? Select all that apply.(Required.)
9.Before you can begin volunteering, you must attend an orientation session. Based upon your area of interest, the orientation requirements will vary. Please let us know if you need further accommodations by emailing or calling 479-254-2055.(Required.)
Once you submit the volunteer application, a link to our orientation video will be sent to you. Please watch the video to familiarize yourself with our processes. After you view the video, you can visit our shelter during our public hours. On your first volunteer session, you will check in at the Front Desk, sign the Volunteer Liability Waiver, and do a quick tour of the facility.

Thank you for helping us take care of the animals in our care! We can't wait to see you!