This survey is being produced by the Universities Group for the Gender Parity Task Force to decipher the current make-up of Gender Parity in theater within the Universities in and around Boston.
All data collected from this and related surveys will be reported in aggregate and individual answers will remain confidential and can remain anonymous

* 1. What school do you go to?

* 2. What year are you?

* 3. What gender do you identify as?

* 4. What race do you identify as?

* 5. What is your focus of study?

* 6. What does the term gender parity mean to you?

* 7. In which of the following areas, would you like to see improvement related to diversity/inclusion/gender equality? Check all that apply:

* 8. What is the last play you you attended or read that was…

* 9. Can you recall a triumph for gender parity within your institution? Please share!

* 10. What questions do these questions make you want you ask your institution?

* 11. If you'd like, please provide us with your Name and Email address so we may contact you with updates on this survey and with the final report.