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Information and Glossary

As the representative of the company participating in the survey, we ask you to respond taking into account the characteristics of your company as a whole. When asked, you can express a personal opinion.


- With the expression "public tenders", here we mean both public tenders and other selections, such as those that take place for supplies "below the threshold".
- By "green public tenders" (or “Green Public Procurement-GPP”) we mean tenders where the offer is awarded through requirements or awards related to the environmental sustainability of the goods, services or works provided.
- “Likert scale” means a scale where it is possible to express a qualitative judgment ranging from two extreme parameters, passing through intermediate parameters, e.g., very much agree, agree, disagree, disagree, I don't know.
- Environmental sustainability means a type of activity that reduces negative effects on the environment.
- Circular Public Procurement-CPP can be defined as the process by which public authorities purchase works, goods or services that seek to contribute to closed energy and material loops within supply chains, whilst minimising, and in the best case avoiding, negative environmental impacts and waste creation across their whole life-cycle. (source: EC, Public Procurement for a Circular Economy, 2017)

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