Thank you for taking  two minutes of your valuable time to help us determine if & where to offer future Peak Prosperity Summits.

As a reminder, a Peak Prosperity Summit is an intimate 6-hour event primarily focused on our forecasts for the Economy and the financial markets, with special emphasis on the biggest threats that could trigger a correction, as well as the key indicators we are watching most closely. It also provides updates into the Energy & Environment sides of the story, too -- as well as addresses audience questions on topics of resilient living.

The Summit's "roundtable" format gives us lots more time to delve into the details than we typically are able to in a stage presentation or a podcast interview -- while still keeping the discussion casual and allowing for plenty of idea exchange with the folks in the room. We encourage questions, especially those related to personal decisions and concerns you may be wrestling with.

Your feedback is very useful in helping us create future offerings custom-tailored to the needs and wants of the Peak Prosperity community.

Many thanks,
Adam & Chris

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* 1. At a price of $275 per person, how interested are you in participating in a Peak Prosperity Summit if it were held in a location convenient to you?