Food Safety Rating Scheme - Consumer Survey

The Food Safety Rating Scheme (FSRS) is commonly known as 'scores-on doors'.The Food Safety Rating Scheme is a quick and easy way for you and your family to find information about food safety at places where you eat out, like restaurants and cafes. Participation in the Scheme is voluntary both by councils and the food businesses.

At this stage 21 councils are part of the Scheme covering around 70% of the SA population. Where councils are participating, eligible food businesses are assigned a score as part of routine inspection by council Environmental Health Officers (EHOs). The score is converted into a star rating based on technical criteria. A business which complies with the standards is awarded 5 stars, 4 stars or 3 stars and a certificate which it can display for the general public.
  • 5 stars  - Excellent compliance
  • 4 stars  - Good compliance
  • 3 stars  - General compliance with the food safety standards
Some business will be unrated due to poor compliance therefore no certificate will be issued to them. For more information on Food Safety Rating please refer to the following link

The Scheme was officially launched in April 2016. SA Health is conducting a 2 year formal review of the Scheme. As part of review, this survey has been designed to gather consumer feedback on the Scheme.

Please participate in the survey to help us analyse and improve the Scheme to achieve better Food Safety outcomes.

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* 2. Have you heard about the Food Safety Rating Scheme?