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* 5. Please Note: By submitting this form, you agree to the rules and regulations posted below.

 As a convenience to its daily and permanent vendors the Anderson Jockey Lot allows such vendors to stay overnight on Anderson Jockey Lot property upon the following terms and conditions.  By staying overnight on the property you agree to same.

1.         Overnight stays are only permitted for permanent vendors who have paid for their space at least a week in advance, or for daily vendors that agree to pay the following day for the space in which their merchandise is located.

2.         Overnight stays shall only be Friday and/or Saturday nights. No one may stay Sunday Night.

3.         Overnight vendors assume all risk, both personal and property, during their stay.

4.         Each vendor shall register and sign in at the office during normal business hours for each day the vendor will be staying.  If the vendor arrives at the lot after normal business hours there will be a sign-in sheet posted on the front office door that needs to be signed by any overnight vendor.  Any overnight vendor who fails to sign in shall be subject to removal from the property at Jockey Lot management’s discretion.

5.       Overnight Vendors agree to abide by all normal Jockey Lot rules.  A copy of such rules can be acquired in the office during normal business hours or can be viewed or downloaded at 

6.         Overnight vendors acknowledge and agree that overnight stays are a courtesy and in no way create a legal residential landlord/tenant relationship between the Anderson Jockey Lot and vendor.  The Anderson Jockey Lot rents commercial retail space for the sale of goods on Saturday and Sunday only; it is not in the business nor does it provide habitable residential rental space.  In the remote possibility that some legal right is unintentionally created by law or otherwise, vendor hereby waives and releases all such rights and remedies.  If vendor does make such claim and the Anderson Jockey Lot must initiate legal action, vendor hereby agrees to indemnify Anderson Jockey Lot and be personally responsible for any and all expenses associated with such action, including but not limited to lost business income, attorney fees, and court costs.

7.          Vendor agrees to at all times remain with his or her merchandise.  Vendor agrees that the Anderson Jockey Lot, its agents, or employees are not responsible for the loss, damage, or destruction of any of their merchandise or other personal property.