Outsource Center Customer Satisfaction Survey

This is the online version of the CODI Outsource Consumer Satisfaction Survey. If you have already filled out a paper survey, please do not use this online form.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. CODI is dedicated to providing quality services to our consumers. Your participation is valuable as we continue to improve our services to meet the needs of those we serve.

Bruce Sarfert
Vice-President of Organizational Employment Services

* 1. I am satisfied with the services I receive.

* 2. I am treated with respect and dignity by the staff.

* 3. I feel that participating in this program has helped me become more independent.

* 4. I am satisfied with the safety and comfort of my work area.

* 5. I am satisfied with the amount of work available.

* 6. I am satisfied with the vocational training when no work is available.

* 7. I am satisfied with the amount of input I have in my program plan.

* 8. If you had a special need, were reasonable accommodations attempted or made?

* 9. I am satisfied that my opinions and input are valued by staff.

* 10. COMMENTS - Type your comments here: