Generations of Faith & Sacramental Preparation Registration, 2017-2018

PLEASE NOTE: This form is for BOTH Generations of Faith and Sacramental Preparation. If you are registering for Sacramental Preparation (1st Reconciliation, 1st Eucharist, Confirmation), be sure to fill out the infoprmation for Generations of Faith as well, since it is part of your formation.

* Generations of Faith is our parish-wide faith formation for ALL households. If you are single or married, with or without children, young or old, it offers you the opportunity to gather with other households of our parish to learn more about our faith, and to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ. If individuals in your household will be preparing for sacraments this year, we will contact you about that special preparation after you complete this registration. In order to help us plan responsibly, we ask that you register by answering the following questions.
Let's begin with your household information:

* Please list the name(s) of ADULT(s) in your household who will be attending the sessions (Please note: All adults are encouraged to attend; the structure of Generations of Faith requires that at least ONE parent or guardian (preferably both) of children who attend participate with their children).

* Please list the names and GRADE LEVELS of any CHILDREN (grades pre-K -12) from your household who will be attending the sessions. If none, please move on to the next question.

* Please list any children that you anticipate will be preparing for these sacraments this year in your household. Typically, preparation for both of these sacraments takes place in the 2nd grade or above.

* Please list any member(s) of your household who may be preparing for the sacrament of confirmation. In the Diocese of Richmond, this is typically takes place in the 10th grade or above.

* We hope that your household will attend ALL the sessions to get the fullest experience of Christian Formation. There are two types of gatherings in Generations of Faith:

INTERGENERATIONAL GATHERINGS include a shared meal, a whole-community learning experience, and in-depth learning. These gatherings are usually right after 11 am Sunday Eucharist on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

WORSHIP experiences include weekly Sunday Eucharist, of course, as well as pariticipation in the Sacred Easter Triduum (those three dates are listed here).

While we hope you will attend all of these experiences, we understand that sometimes schedules may not allow. Because meals are included, it's helpful for us to know how many to expect each time. Please indicate which sessions your household will attend (check all that apply):

* There is no additional cost for parishioners to participate in Generations of Faith. In order to accomplish this responsibly, we rely not only on your tithes, but on the help of each participant in some way. Please indicate how you will offer your gifts:

* PHOTO RELEASE: please check.