* 1. What is your agency?

* 2. What is your jurisdiction?

* 3. How many Survivors of Homicide Victims (SHV) were served in your jurisdiction during the calendar
year 2012?

* 4. Are services for survivors of homicide victims (SHV) OF ALL AGES available in your jurisdiction?

* 5. Services for SHV are affordable in your jurisdiction.

* 6. The services are adequate at meeting the needs of the (SHV).

* 7. Law enforcement officers are given the tools to meet the needs of SHV in your jurisdiction.

* 8. The prosecutor’s office provides SHV with information and notification regarding their offender’s

* 9. Is training available on working effectively with SHV in your jurisdiction?

* 10. Based on your experience, rank these services for SHV below from 1-9 (1 being the most important: 9
being the least important)

* 11. Of those 9 needs, check all of those that are available to SHV in your jurisdiction

* 12. Are there non-profits and/or other governmental agencies in your jurisdiction that serve the needs of SHV?

* 13. If known, Does your jurisdiction receive funding for supplying services to SHV?

* 14. It would be a good idea for the state of Maryland to annually conduct services assessments for SHV?