* 1. Does your company or building currently use any system or technology to grant or track visitor access?

* 2. If Yes: Which of the following features does this system include? Please select all that you are aware of.

* 3. If No: Has your company expressed an interest in managing visitors or changing the way they manage visitors? Please select an option below.

* 4. Which role best describes you when selecting or using visitor management systems at your organization?

* 5. Who would be responsible for selecting and managing this service within your building or company?

* 6. Which factors are the most important to you or your company when managing visitors to your office or building?

* 7. In choosing or using a visitor management system, how important are the following features in your selection process?

  Not at all important Somewhat important Very important
Integration with Outlook
Ability to populate visitor lists in real-time
Ability to print temporary badges with company logo
Frequent visitor check-in
Customizable fields
Customizable functionality
Data import or export
Email or text notification
ID scanning
ID badges or tags
Visitor tracking

* 8. In selecting and putting in place a visitor management system, please select your situation from the following:

* 9. Within a year, how much does your organization budget for managing visitors?

* 10. What size is your company?